Monday, March 17, 2014

Benchmarks and Cornerstones


Sorry I'm late to the party, first of all. I should have already been at this for a few years by now. There's a lot of catching up to get myself and the reader up-to-speed with the extant condition, and many more miles from there sketching out the responses I've been formulating since I first began to look critically at the built environment, over ten years ago.

That's not to say I'm an expert, by any means. Even the best minds, the most powerful actors, and much deeper, sage scholars than I have grappled with these problems (with fairly uneven success), and most of the criticism & theory around them constitute a febrile, over-rarefied, and lately crowded market. I tip my hat to my forbears and betters; and to those with whom I humbly disagree, I bid them refer to Johnson's quip about carpenters and badly made tables. Everyone is qualified to think about architecture, because all of us are forced to live with its effects, for better or worse, throughout our civilized lives.

My compulsion is to sort it all out for myself, and maybe, hopefully, on a long shot, somehow tip a present pebble of a reader onto a course that eventually transforms them into a future blazing comet of a City Builder -- or a reformer, or a co-debater, or at least a person willing to momentarily consider that I might have a point or two before shrugging "meh?" and clicking over to another stimulus in The Feed. I understand, I can't 100% stomach anyone else out there either. We're only human, so let's just be honest with each other about how terrible we are and fight in the open. It's far too late to worry about being too exposed, we're all exposed, the name of the game now is limited hang-out -- or, if one really wants to be a hero, preemptive truth, outflanking one's detractors. Blind events are in the driver's seat now, calling all public citizens for damage control. Time is short and we're running out of stakes to venture. On with The Work!


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  2. I love this thought! You are absolutely right David! You are an timely writer, an amazing designer, and a timeless architect. :) A Tip of my hat, my dear friend. Keep up the positive attitude.

  3. Onward, ho! I'm looking forward to this, David. Thanks for the invite!