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I hold a bachelor's degree in Political Science, with a minor in Architecture, from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Before my new endeavors as a writer, I've had years of successful experience in multiple arenas as a tutor, copy editor, college peer mentor, research assistant, and writing coach. I've worked with students ranging from 4th grade to senior citizenship, in subjects including: algebra, architecture, art and music appreciation, drafting, English, guitar and bass, history of Western civilization, journalism, philosophy, social and natural sciences, Spanish, trigonometry, urban planning, and writing. In addition to my work as a professional and volunteer tutor, I've done work in the academic community as a library and research assistant, editorial assistant, teacher's assistant, academic copy editor, and A/V-to-text transcriber.

Here's a testimonial from my friend and colleague, Dr. Chien-Ke "Kelly" Cheng, PhD. in Architecture:
Mr. Work's service was invaluable in the successful completion of my doctoral dissertation. I recommend him to any student who needs help with English writing.
My full résumé and additional references from satisfied clients are available upon request. Contact me by email at[at] to discuss your needs, and let me help you start in the right direction!

Another of my colleagues joins Dr. Cheng and I for a late-night writing session.

Rates and Payment Options

I charge clients either by the hour or by the page, depending on the job, on a sliding-scale rate based on degree of difficulty, ability to pay, and turnaround time. Clients can send me papers for estimates and editing by email. If you need tutoring or real-time discussion of your work, we can talk on the phone, conference via Skype, or meet in person in the Chicago area. I accept cash, checks, or PayPal for payment.

If you're thirsty for knowledge or just desperate for help with a paper, my passions for learning and language can benefit you!